Supporting young people with social communication needs
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We design and deliver a range of courses to give practitioners knowledge, skills and confidence in working with children and young people who have communication needs associated with Autism

Social skills groups for settings

We offer a highly specialist social skills programme to children and young people
with social communication needs and Autism in schools and colleges in the Cambridge area

Group session details:

• Our social communication groups are developed and delivered by 2 Speech and Language Therapists (Fiona and Sarah) within a supportive small group setting (2 adults to 7-10 participants) in Cambridge
• Individualised programme for each student
• Weekly sessions over 12 weeks lasting between 60-90 minutes (to be agreed with settings)
• At the end of the programme ‘next steps’ are recommended for each student.


Teacher training

Our workshops and training packages are a cost effective and efficient way of enabling your staff to share learning and quickly implement changes in practice, improving outcomes for students. They are delivered at a time and place convenient to you and the core packages are:

• Understanding Autism
• Autism, Language and Communication
• Setting up Social Skills Groups in schools and colleges
• Autism and Behaviour
• Preparing for college


Student workshops

We offer a range of workshops suitable for groups of students within secondary school settings. Workshops are designed to raise self-esteem by increasing self-awareness and personal understanding of topics covered:

• Understanding Autism
• Self advocacy
• Communication for interviews and the work place
• Change and transition
• Conversation skills for teenagers with Autism


Workshops for organisations

We deliver specialist workshops on behalf of organisations based on the service users’ needs. If your organisation is interested in commissioning our services please contact us.


We are happy to meet specific requirements so please contact us:

07975 735 715