Supporting young people with social communication needs
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Teacher workshops:

"This is the best course I have attended. The perfect mix of theory/practical examples and strategies. Perfectly executed and leaving me with an array of new ideas and skills to put into practise!! Would HIGHLY recommend."

"Good to have training which did not spend the majority of time on 'what is autism?' but gave practical strategies... Very helpful, Thank you."

"Loved this workshop! Co-operating with like minded people and hearing other's experiences. Great targeting scaling to take back to our school."

"Brilliant workshop-fantastic knowledge on the subject, tools we were given, tools were excellent and really useful, very friendly and comfortable."

"Enjoyed going through case studies and real life examples."

"I enjoyed the presentation today. Lots of opportunity to discuss and listen with others. Sarah and Fiona present in a clear manner. I have strategies to use at school tomorrow- my target met! Thank you."

"Extremely well run course-thank you."

"Looking forward to applying strategies in school."

"Enjoyable and informative."

"A really insightful course with practical strategies for social communication in the secondary school."



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Student workshops:

"It was so lovely to see them so enthused and excited to get involved. They really listened to each other and tried so hard in all the activities."

"Thoroughly informative and enjoyable day - for staff and students."

"You are very friendly and approachable and the students were clearly happy to be there and talk to you."

"It is great that they have the opportunity to meet and talk about these things as the busy school day does't allow for it."

"Good, well targeted and delivered."

"I thought it was brilliant that you always encouraged them to talk to each other if there was an opportunity to do so."